Geofence Alerts not working

There can be more reasons why Geofence Alerts are not working. Follow these instructions to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. On your Android device start MyCarTracks app and go to Menu > Settings > Geofences.
  2. Make sure you have turned ON the option Allow Geofences (optionally you can turn on that alerts are sent only when recording is turned on).
  3. Touch the menu item Geofence list you should see a list of alerts that are set for that Android device. If you don’t see any or the one that is not working tap the double arrow icon on top right. If alerts don’t appear, then they are not set properly in the web application. Go back to the web application and recreate the alerts.

If you want we can also check your alerts and check if they are created correctly. In that case, send us the name of alert and also the email that is used on Android that is not sending alerts to

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