How to fix GPS recording issues on Huawei/Honor devices?

If you experience troubles with GPS or Auto-recording feature on your Huawei then you’re not alone. The internet is full of angry Huawei customers because in the race to get longer battery life they did some wrong things in their Android version. Therefore some hints help, some not, and sometimes the best solution is to switch to another brand because you will face the same issues with other apps like sports trackers.

Here are some manuals that can help:

1. On your device locate Phone Manager app (not all devices have it). All the options are there. In Settings / Protected apps you can find a setting for all background apps. Enable MyCarTracks as a protected app.

This video shows how to find the settings on Huawei P9 (Settings-> Advanced Settings -> Battery Manager -> Protected Apps)

If you don’t have any Phone Manager app or above didn’t help use this app and stop the power save mode:

2.  The Battery Manager is present on Honor and other Huawei devices and out of the box, it does make a significant improvement in battery savings. However, it achieves this by stopping and shutting down power-intensive apps through.

  • Go to Settings, then Advanced Settings and you’ll find the Battery Manager. Find “Power Usage Firewall”.
  • Here you can see all the apps that are currently using the battery more intensively.
  • MyCarTracks should be listed here, but if it’s not running then it won’t be displayed. In that case, go instead to Settings and then Apps and click on MyCarTracks, then click Battery.
  • Here turn on “Keep running after screen off” option.

3. Leaving the screen ON – this is not handy but this works for everyone. It’s because on screen ON Huawei doesn’t kill or block any background process.

4. Setting the phone to full power
Settings > Battery > Standby intelligent power saving – Off

5. Settings > Apps > Cog icon on top right > Advanced/Special access > Battery optimization > MyCarTracks > Don’t optimize – it is for Android 7.1

Settings > Apps > Advanced > Ignore battery optimization > All apps > MyCarTracks – allow to ignore battery optimizations – Allow


Settings > Apps & notifications > Apps > settings (in the lower part of the screen) > Advanced > Special access > Ignore battery optimization. Choose “All apps, look for MyCarTracks and Select “Allow”.

If none of these help you, visit DonKillMyApp’s section for Huawei here.

If you find any other way that helped you on Huawei please send us your hints to

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