Job Dispatch

With MyCarTracks Jobs dispatch you can manage tasks for your in-field workers and see their progress instantly. You will get a great overview of how work in the field is going and if there aren’t any delays which you should quickly react to. This leads to more jobs done, higher customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

Note: Job dispatch is available only for Android devices. iOs (iPhone, iPad) is currently not available.

Real-time overview on a map

Get a perfect real-time overview of your teams directly from a world map. With information about the jobs, they are currently working on and with the additional information about their position you can make better decisions and manage them more effectively. You can even inform them about upcoming events that can improve their productivity and time.

Job list and dispatch

To view a list of Jobs and to manage them in the web application please navigate to Jobs in the left menu. You will get an overview of all jobs and their statuses. In this view, you can get a quick look at jobs in table format and you are able to sort or filter out specific jobs. Here you can also easily detect which jobs are still in the open state, which is in progress, done, or rejected. You get also instant notifications about delayed jobs.


Job detail

Get a closer look at certain jobs. By entering Job detail you get all information about a job, its state, and time logs from a single pane of glass interface.

Position search and dispatch

Do you need to find the next available employee in a radius from a certain location? With a position search, you can search on the address and it’ll be displayed on the map including nearest workers. You can then place the Job to the nearest or first available worker that can handle such a task. To access position search go to MAP > Job planner.

Leverage the jobs history on a map

View all tracks and jobs completed directly on a world map and get a better overview of your past work done. With this recorded information you can get an advantage in making decisions involving your customers. In the end, you will get a perfect view of your customer needs and which customer is your most valued.

Create customers list

Create and manage your list of customers to quickly create Jobs and assigned them to drivers.

Manage multiple drivers and their work

Manage your workforce. Add new Drivers quickly anytime and assign them vehicles and jobs.

Job reports

Get the whole overview of jobs, their progress, and logged time in one place. Download reports in CSV for next processing.


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