Location Tracking Devices – GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, and Galileo

MyCarTracks platform offers besides the most advanced smartphone-based tracking app also the support of all major hardware location trackers (GNSS) from established brands like Teltonika, Ruptela, Galileosky, you can see the list here. You can use your existing devices or choose from the newest models.


Please note that we don’t offer hardware installation into your vehicles. Our service is a DYI solution, you need to buy a device and install it. We can recommend you the devices from Teltonika. If you want to start a business with us by becoming our integrator please contact us.

How to add a tracking unit to MyCarTracks

To connect with the MyCarTracks platform you have to set up the tracking unit and then add it to your MyCarTracks web account following these instructions:

  1. Log in to your web account.
  2. Go to Fleet / Vehicles, click the + button and select Add vehicle.
  3. Enter the vehicle name and other details. Leave the Share vehicle input blank and Save the vehicle.
  4. Go to Fleet / Drivers and click the + button.
  5. Select the option Tracking device and click Next.
  6. Now you need to enter the Unit Identifier – it is your device’s IMEI. If you have both IMEI and SN, use the IMEI. If it’ll not work you can edit the details and change it to SN later.
    In Vehicles select the vehicle you created in the 3rd step and click Save.
  7. Now, after you have also set up the tracking unit, your unit is connected with MyCarTracks. Start driving and you should see the recordings and live locations.


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