Geofence rewrites

The geofence rewrite feature can help you to set a replacement phrase that will be used either in the Address or Description of the recorded track. It is useful when you have some places you’re visiting regularly and want to name them by yourself or you need to have a […]

Bouncie integration

Bouncie presents itself as a viable option for tracking and monitoring locations. For business owners who rely on Bouncie devices to keep tabs on their vehicles or contractors, seamlessly integrating them with MyCarTracks offers the advantage of accessing real-time positions and maintaining accurate location records. To incorporate a new device […]

How to switch recording mode – iOs (iPhone)

By default, MyCarTracks uses the Automatic recording mode. This mode detects automatically when you’re driving and records all journeys automatically. Sometimes you don’t want to use this automatic mode, you want to start recording manually. To switch modes follow these steps: Run the MyCarTracks app and swipe up the bottom […]

Automatic drive back to a geofence

Use case Your company offers a mileage reimbursement plan to your employees and you want to offer them a benefit to don’t ask them to require to drive back to the office to clock out at the end of the day. Instead, they can drive directly back home. To be […]

Fix recording issues in Android 11

1. Allow Location all the time If the app is not tracking correctly make sure the Location Permission is set to ‘Allowed All The Time’. You can find these settings under Android Settings > Privacy >Permission Manager here find Location and touch it. Now search for MyCarTracks and select Allow All The Time. 2. Adjust battery […]

How to clear app data – Android

Sometimes your Android MyCarTracks app stops recording your drivings and even changing the recording mode doesn’t fix the issue. You can try to clear app data. Follow these steps to Clear App Data: Step 1: Open the Settings application on your device. Step 2: Head Over to Apps Menu. Step 3: Choose Installed Applications or See all apps. Step […]

Stop colors based on duration

By default, the Tracks history and Track detail show stop made on tracks as red dots when the stop duration is longer than 20 seconds. With the Business plan, you can define levels and colors for stop duration so that you can easily distinguish long or short stops. Follow these steps […]

What is a Magic link?

We want you to set up your fleet as fast and as smoothly as possible and because of that we implemented Magic links. Your driver receives an email or SMS with a magic link that he simply needs to touch and the app automatically sets everything as you want. For him, it means just […]

Add MyCarTracks to your Home screen

A feature that is called Add to Home screen creates an app icon on your mobile phone that then behaves like a standard mobile app. It doesn’t show as a web page in your browser, you get the feel of a mobile app and opens just by a touch. Follow the instructions below […]