Work hours

Work hours feature brings the recording automation to next level. It gives you the ability to set days and times when you want the app to automatically start and stop recording or automatically classify your trips.

  1. To enable “Work hours” start the app and go to ≡ Menu / Settings / Work hours


  2. Enable Use work hours option
  3. Tap on Work hours action and select


    • Auto-classify tracks – use this option if you want that the app automatically classifies all recorded tracks as Business. (note that recording will not be automatically enabled with this option)
    • Enable selected recording – use this option if you want that the app automatically starts recording. It will use the option that is selected below “TURN ON AUTO RECORDING” select on app’s dashboard (On Move, Bluetooth,…)
  4. Set days and times when you want the action to be enabled. To enable day turn that day on with a checkbox. Then tap on the hours and select start and end time. You can also use the same option for other days.


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