Daily synchronization

Daily synchronization is a feature that gives you the option to sync all recorded tracks at a certain time of a day. It comes handy in the following cases:

  • Your mobile devices have internet connection issues or drivers are driving in areas without an internet connection
  • Not all your tracks are being synced and you encounter this issue constantly
  • You live in a country where GSM data are cheaper at night or at some hours.
  • Your fleet is parking every day at the same place where you can put a wi-fi connection and you don’t need the actual position of your vehicles.

To set this feature you can enable it in the Android app under Menu > Settings > Online tracking & Synchronization > Daily synchronization (turn it on). After you turn this feature on the three below items will enable:

  • Week days for sync – set the days you want the sync to happen.
  • Time of day for sync – set the time of the day when the app should sync all recordings.
  • Max retry attempts – the app will try the number of times if the sync will not be successful.

Are you a fleet owner and want to set this for your whole fleet? Use Managed app settings.

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