How to setup account

To use MyCarTracks on your Android mobile device, you need to link the device to the Google account your administrator created for you.

First time run

When you install MyCarTracks app and run it for the first time it will show you welcome wizard where you can set some initial settings.

  1. Start the app and accept the terms.
  2. You can scroll down the Tour to learn more about how MyCarTracks works and press OK.
  3. Set your metric units. If it’s correct just press No, otherwise press Yes and change it.
  4. Last step shows the account that was automatically selected from your existing accounts. If this account is correct press No to leave it, otherwise press Yes and select correct account you want to use. If the account you want to use is not listed leave the one that is selected, press No and then follow the instructions below. First How to setup new Google account on Android mobile device and then instructions Changing the account.

How to setup new Google account on Android mobile device

These instructions are taken from Android OS Help Center.

Note: If your device is running Android 2.3 and your Google account doesn’t include Gmail and Google Calendar, you’ll need to add a free Gmail account to the device instead.

  1. On your device, touch Settings*
  2. Touch Accounts*
  3. Touch Add account*
  4. Touch Google*
  5. Touch Existing* to use your existing account / New* if you want to create new account
  6. Follow the onscreen steps to add the Google account

* The names of these options, menus, and menu items can vary by device. Refer to the documentation that came with your device, or see the Android OS Help Center.

Changing the account

  1. On your device, start the app
  2. Touch on the icon in the header
  3. Touch the Log Out button. This will reset the app into a login state and you can log in with a different account.

Older Android app versions:

  1. On your device, start the app
  2. Touch on the MyCarTracks header
  3. Sliding menu appears and on top is the gmail account currently used
  4. Touch on the gmail to change it, you will be redirected to Online tracking & Synchronisation and here choose the first option “Account for synchronization” and choose the account you want to use with the app. If you want to use different account that is not available in this list you have to first add new account on your Android mobile device.

Please notice that when changing account for synchronization the app will reset all data available in the app including recorded tracks. We therefore recommend you to to first synchronize all your recorded tracks.

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