With MyCarTracks Job-disatch feature your in-field workers get overview about daily jobs that they should do. All Jobs come with the details about each task like what to do, who is the customer and the location of that job with ability to navigate to that point.

Jobs list

To view a list of all Jobs in the mobile app, navigate to Menu > Jobs.

Job detail

Worker can tap on every job to access its details. Worker gets quick info about the job, customer details and jobs position. After clicking on the position on map worker can be navigated to jobs position.

Fully automatic progress and time logging

Automatic progress recording and logging is one of the most advanced features. MyCarTracks is automatically changing jobs state based on workers position. It also automatically records the time worker spent at certain job location meaning no unnecessary interactions with a phone or a tablet. Everything is made automatically.

Job state

In case the exact position of a certain job is not know in advance workers can change Job state and log work manually. Every job state can be changed manually from Job detail through simple buttons. To log job details or a time each worker can access LOGS that are located on top right in Job detail.

Offline tracking

We know that workers can access places where there is no GSM or internet connection. Another powerful feature of MyCarTracks Jobs is that in-field workers can always access Jobs that were onec synchronized, even if they are Offline. Workers can work with the app the same way like in online state, i.e. access job details and log time, progress and details. Everything is synchronized once the internet is available again.

NOTICE: Jobs can be turned off under Menu > Settings > Jobs. 


Jobs related settings are available under Menu > Settings > Jobs. Besides the ability to turn off Jobs you can turn On/Off Auto logging and also set the minimum auto logging time which comes handy if your vehicle passes through the radius of another jobs location and you don’t want to get it recorded.

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