The main part where your recorded data from MyCarTracks mobile app are sent to web application is called synchronization. Our app gives you various settings how you can use synchronization, that can be used to lower expenses to minimum or even to be free.

NOTICE: Before you read more, notice that our app is ready to use and set up with commonly used settings right after you install it. So you don’t need to change anything.
But the power of customization is great!

Synchronization settings

To enter the synchronization settings, on main screen of the mobile app press MyCarTracks button and select Settings. Then select Online tracking & Synchronization.


1. Account for synchronization

Main setting you should set before using our app. Every recorded and synchronized data (tracks, mileage data) are sent with this account. That means, to see all recorder data you need to sign in with this same account on web.

If you start MyCarTracks mobile app for first time you can get a message that you don’t have set your account for synchronization. If you tap on that message you’ll get to this setting.

To select account for synchronization tap on this menu item and select one from existing accounts on your device.

2. Online tracking

If turned on your device will continuously send recorded data to servers. It’ll use any available data transfer plan (GSM, EDGE, CDMA, Wi-Fi, etc). If you don’t want that the app sends data without your interaction or you don’t have any data plan, or your data are too expensive we recommend to turn this option off. You can still synchronize data manually by accessing Tracks menu item and then press Synchronize all button. If you want to synchronize the data late when you data are cheaper or you have access to Wi-Fi see below for Daily synchronization.

3. Tracking interval

Here you can set how often your recorded data will be sent to servers. The lower you set the interval the often and accurate actual position on the map will be refreshed and shown. We recommend to use 30 second interval to achieve longer battery life (when not connected to car charger).

4. Daily synchronization

We know that in some countries GSM data are cheaper at night or at some hours. Or maybe your fleet is parking every day at the same place where you can put wi-fi connection. If you don’t need actual position of your vehicles, or you see yourself in above description, you can use this option to minimize your expenses up to zero! Turn this option ON and next three options become available. With above three options you can set up how daily synchronization will behave.

Info: you can turn off Online synchronization when using Daily synchronization.

5. Week days for sync (option of Daily synchronization)

Select in which day of week the Daily synchronization will send recorded data to MyCarTracks servers.

6. Time of day for sync (option of Daily synchronization)

Set the time of day when the Daily synchronization starts syncing the data to servers.

7. Max retry attempts (option of Daily synchronization)

This is the last but main option of Daily synchronization. When the synchronization at your specified time isn’t successful, the MyCarTracks Android app will try to synchronize the data again in one hour. And with this option you can set how many times it should try that. For example if you have cheaper data from 8PM till 12PM then set it to 3 and the app will try to sync daily data at 8, 9, 10 and 11 PM. Or if you know your vehicles are parking near Wi-Fi from 8PM till 7AM next day set it to 10.

8. Synchronization mode

This option helps you minimize recorded data and also lower your expenses. Maybe you don’t need the recorded tracks to view on a map or in your country is restricted to record GPS coordinates or addresses of your employees and you only need a reports with mileage data you can use these modes. You can choose from three modes:

Full (recommended) mode – with this option all mileage and GPS data are sent to our servers.

Economy mode – with this option only cumulative mileage data are sent with GPS coordinates and address of first and last track point from.

Minimal mode – with this option only cumulative mileage data are sent. No GPS or address data are sent to server.

Note: our app always records every GPS trackpoint or address data. Synchronization mode only defines which data will be sent to It means if you record with minimal mode you can still send whole recorded data by changing to full mode and re-synchronize all recorded data.

9. Delete track after sync

If you turn this on all tracks that will be once sent to servers will be removed from your device. This option comes handy only when you have device with realy low memory and you put it somewhere in vehicle where you don’t have access to it for long time. Rethink if you want to use this option because you can never get the data back to your device, they will be just stored on our servers.

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