Automatic drive back to a geofence

Use case

Your company offers a mileage reimbursement plan to your employees and you want to offer them a benefit to don’t ask them to require to drive back to the office to clock out at the end of the day. Instead, they can drive directly back home. To be fair to them the bonus is that you want to reimburse also the mileage from their home back to the office that they didn’t drive.

The solution

Our Drive back feature makes this use case to be automated. This feature automatically adds a track record with mileage for each driver that is not parked at the office location at the end of the day. To set it up follow these instructions:

  1. In the web application go to Geofences / Geofences and touch the “+” button to add a new geofence. In case you already have office geofence then just edit this geofence.
  2. Enter geofence details and on the bottom under Options, you will find the Drive back entry.
  3. Here you have to select vehicles for which a drive back will be generated every day.
  4. Save geofence and you’re all set. The drive-back tracks will automatically appear the next day.

When and what a drive back is

  • A drive back will be generated always at midnight in your time zone.
  • The drive back is created only if the driver made some tracks within the last 24 hours and only if the vehicle is not parked in the geofence.
  • The drive back is saved as a track record with the [Drive back] label.
  • The drive back has the direction from geofence to the driver’s last position. It’s because we want to keep the real last location.
  • A vehicle can have only one geofence set as a drive back. If you set a vehicle to a new geofence the old attached geofence will be automatically removed.


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