Geofences, Rewrites, Alerts, POIs

With Geofences you can define your own points of interest (e.g. customer locations) and enable alerts and rewrites once your vehicle enters given radius. Geofence is useful when you want to get notifications on a driver entering or leaving a zone or when you have predefined places and you want them to appear on reports.

To set your Geofences sign in to and go into GEOFENCES. In this section you can define:


Alerts are useful when you want to get notifications about drivers entering or leaving defined Geofence. Notifications are sent automatically as an e-mail with informations about the driver, vehicle, date and time and also ability to view the geofence on map. SMS notifications are planned for future. You can set alerts to driver groups or vehicle groups or even set alerts for the whole fleet. Alerts can have expire date configured and they will be automatically deactivated after that time.


Rewrite helps you to set a replacement in Log book when you have some places you’re visiting regularly and want to name them by yourself or you need to have special trip descriptions automatically filled in. You can set to replace the Address from, Address to and Description of every trip made that starts or ends in Geofence. Rewrites can be set to whole fleet or vehicle groups.

POI (Point Of Interest)

Every Geofence can be set to be used as POI. You can set a custom name, color and icon. POIs are then shown on a map and are useful to get fast overview of your defined places like your offices, customers and others.

Please notice that Geofences are available only with MyCarTracks android application version 2.4.0 and higher. If your drivers don’t have this version ask them to update. Geofences are also not available for android version 2.2 (old devices).

You can learn more about Geofences on Wikipedia.

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