Safety Drive Score

Reduce accidents, lower the number of high-risk drivers and improve overall driver safety with the MyCarTracks Drive score.

Define your own settings

Drive score calculations are by default not enabled. You need to enable them from within Settings (click on your name on the top right and select Settings and then use the DRIVE SCORE tab on top). Don’t forget to hit the Save button on the bottom. After you enable the drive score it can take up to 4 hours until the first calculations appear. After first initial, the calculations are calculated continuously.


A heavy-weight or truck van will have other speed rules than a passenger car. For that purpose, the Drive score calculations and ratings can be adjusted based on your policy and fleet type.

Drive score report

MyCarTracks Drive score provides an advanced insight into the on-road activities of drivers or vehicles. It can help you to detect which drivers or vehicles need training with certain behaviors. Managers can review daily, weekly, monthly or any time defined driving trends and develop performance benchmarks. This report is available in the web application under the Menu > Reports > Drive score.


The report can be customized to a fleet’s specific needs with three different report types and other report settings.


Track’s drive score

We calculate the driving score also for every track. That way you can easily find which track affected your driver’s Drive score. After you click on the track and go into track details you can also see the number of bad events and by scrolling down you get a table with all events and when they appeared. Hovering above the grap you can then detect where these events happened and can communicate them with your drivers.


Get the most accurate score

By default, the MyCarTracks app is sending a location every 10 seconds which results in less accurate Drive score results. To get the most accurate score you should update these MyCarTracks mobile app settings:

  • Menu / Settings / Recording / Min time between points – set it to 2s or highest
  • Menu / Settings / Recording / Min distance between points – set it to 10 m or less

We recommend using Managed app settings to apply these settings to your whole fleet.

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