Why second API Key is needed and how to obtain it?

When you select some options like geolocation you will end up in asking for second API Key. It is because the main API Key you created has HTTP Referrer restrictions, but some calls are made by our servers without HTTP Referrer. Because of that we cannot do these calls with the main API Key and need the second one without security restrictions. Don’t worry that your second key will not have security enabled, we will do these calls only internally without exposing this API Key anywhere, so no one will ever see it.

To obtain the second API Key follow these steps:

  1. Go to https://console.developers.google.com/apis/credentials (sign in to the Google Account if you’re not).
  2. On top select MyCarTracks project if it’s not already selected

    Google APIs select MyCarTracks project
  3. Click Create credentials and select API key option.

    Create new API selection - MyCarTracks

  4. The new API key will be created and shown. Copy this key and paste it into MyCarTracks settings as the second API Key. Don’t restrict the key, just close the dialog.API Key created - MyCarTracks

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