How to crop recorded track

MyCarTracks can’t crop recorded tracks directly from the web console but it is possible with some external tool that can handle GPX files. One of such is  Follow these steps to cut any recorded track:

  1. Open the MyCarTracks web console and go to Tracks.
  2. Search for the track you want to cut and click on it – either directly on the map or in the left column – so that a popup will be shown with the Show detail button. Click the button.
  3. On the track details page right above the map are buttons and one is labeled Export. Click it and select GPX. Save the exported GPX to your PC.
  4. Now open the  On the top is a menu where you can select Load GPX. Choose the exported GPX from disk to load it.
  5. On the bottom is a slider where you can select which part of the track you want to keep. After you select the part click on the confirm button – a small confirmation button on the bottom right – and confirm with Proceed.
  6. Now click on Export on the top. Leave only the option Time selected and save it to your PC.
  7. Go back to the MyCarTracks web console, go to Tracks, and on the top select the List tab.
  8. Here click the “+” button and select the Import track option.
  9. Select the modified GPX file from your PC and also update the options on the import form.
  10. Click the Run import button.

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