How to fix recording issues on OnePlus devices

There’s an issue we’ve been investigating with OnePlus phones using the OxygenOS where our app is killed when it’s in the background for a while. The operating system has a daemon called ‘BgDetect’ that appears to kill background processes that it thinks are using ‘too much’ CPU. You could try these tips below, but at this point, there is no confirmed fix:

  1. Run MyCarTracks and start a recording.
  2. Go to the home screen by touching the middle button.
  3. On the home screen touch the right button which will bring the recent app or background app list.
  4. Scroll toMyCarTracks but don’t touch it else it will come back to the foreground. If it does come back to foreground repeat steps above.
  5. There is a small lock icon on the MyCarTracks app. Click it to lock it. The default seems to be unlocked.
  6. Now Oxygen Os will not close this app and will allow it to run in the background.

Check also other tips and issue description here Don’t kill my app! – OnePlus

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