Mobile device as a hidden GPS unit

  • permanently placed or hidden phone or other device in the vehicle
  • auto recording based on car move or car charger (suitable mainly for cars with power supply after engine starts)
  • actual GPS position request by SMS or web
  • online vehicle tracking
  • device battery level notification (10, 5, 3, 2, 1 %)

Story from Adam and Thief

Adam had old android phone he didn’t use. He decided to use it as tracking unit that he permanently placed in his car connected to car charger. One day his car was stolen. What the thief didn’t know was, that the car is being tracked by MyCarTracks. Adam called the police and showed them on MyCarTracks web where his car is parked. Thief was caught and Adams’ car was returned.

  • cheapest replacement for actual GPS units (GPS logger, blackbox)
  • ability to use old unused android phone
Usage/settings example
  • Auto recording turned on
  • allow obtaining vehicles current position from web:
    Menu > Settings > Auto recording (BETA) > Allow position request: True
  • disable Android PIN request after phone reboot:
    Menu > Settings > Location & Security > Setup SIM card lock > Lock SIM card: False
  • delete track from device after successfully synchronization with server:
    Menu > Settings > Online tracking & Synchronization > Delete track after sync: True
  • be sure if your device is still alive:
    Menu > Settings > Auto recording (BETA) > Notify on low battery > True
  • speed up your GPS fix with FasterGPS
  • restrict which apps can access the network with DroidWal (require root permission)

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