Simple GPS vehicle tracking

  • personal use
  • overview of driven tracks (distance, average and current speed)
  • online vehicle tracking by another person – learn how to share a vehicle

Story from John

John is independent tradesman who daily drives to his customers. Fuel isn’t cheap these days and to add these expenses to accounting he must write down log book every month. After John discovered MyCarTracks he lets him generate log book automatically every month and saves valuable time.

Story from Fred

Fred is independent truck driver who is being hired by various companies to ship goods. To get paid Fred must prove his mileage data by showing various reports. Also the companies don’t have any information where their package is. With MyCarTracks Fred can prove every driven mile/kilometer, can generate reports or with sharing the company can see where he is during the shipment.

  • easy and price friendly GPS tracking for driven routes, summary graphs, reports and statistics, log book
  • easy tracking without the need to start and stop the app and starting and stopping the recording: Auto recording – automatically records your tracks only when you are driving and saves battery
  • lower battery consumption against other GPS tracking solutions
Usage/settings example
  • use Auto recording or Manual recording
  • save battery life by turning off GPS when not moving:
    Menu > Settings > Auto recording > Battery life enhancement: Turn ON

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