Tracking your fleet – GPS fleet management

  • replacement of old, well known GPS units that are installed to your vehicle by service
  • centralized fleet tracking, fleet management, summarized reports, statistics, log book
  • vehicle/fleet actual position tracking, dispatching software

Story from SpediSpeedi

SpediSpeedi is a spedition company with drivers that are delivering goods to their customers. With MyCarTracks they have perfect overview where their vehicles are during the day and if a customer calls where the delivery is they can tell. At the end of the month they generate log book for accounting and managers have perfect overview how vehicles were used.

Story from SlashIdeaCompany

SlashIdeaCompany is a company with 10 employees and 4 vehicles that are shared amongst employees. When somebody wants to use vehicle he takes the keys from colleague who used the vehicle for the last time. Of course only when there is any free vehicle parking in front of the company and he knows who was the last driver. Always at the end of the month responsible person for a vehicle had to manually create reports and log book how the vehicle was used. After they started using MyCarTracks everybody from the company now knows where the vehicle is and who was the last driver – so where the keys are. And at the end of the month they generate log book and reports with just one click.

Story from TAXIK

A middle taxi company with 30 vehicles named TAXIK has been looking for a dispatching software and cost efficient vehicle tracking solution as they didn’t want to buy and install expensive GPS units into every new car. After they discovered MyCarTracks the search was over. Every of their driver is using an android phone for receiving calls so why not to use this same phone also as GPS unit and save enormous entry costs. With MyCarTracks web service and actual position feature they have great dispatching software with vehicles on a real world map so they always know where the taxis are. They have found cost efficient, worry free solution that they can use for ever as they grow.

Story from Rent O Car

Rent O Car car rental company gives their customers a commitment that they rent and drive a car that is not older than one year. For them it’s not efficient and expensive to buy and install GPS units every time they buy new car. After they found MyCarTracks they got an idea. Why not to get subsidized smartphones from GSM operator and plug them to car charger with MyCarTracks turned on auto recording. With this solution they have a low-cost GPS unit with the ability to always take it out and plug into another vehicle. With MyCarTracks web service they have great overview where the customer was and many valuable mileage data how the car was used. They are also playing with the idea to introduce packages to charge for the rental service by car usage.

  • costs only to buy smartphones for employees, no need to buy GPS units and their installation
  • fits also for companies with small number of vehicles that are shared amongst employees
  • need to have the phone on visible place – best near front window – or to have phone with better GPS module to get better tracking results
Usage/settings example
  • use Auto recording or Manual recording
  • allow obtaining vehicles current position from web:
    Menu > Settings > Auto recording > Allow position request: True

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