Move recorded tracks from one device to another

In case you want to move data from an old phone to the new one follow these steps.

  1. On the old phone start the MyCarTracks app and go to Menu / Settings / Backup/Restore.
  2. Here tap Backup all data and wait until it’s saved.
  3. Then start any file browser on your phone and go into internal phone storage and search for a directory named MyCarTracks, inside is a directory named “backups”. Here you will find a zip file. In case there are more files just take the one with the latest date.
  4. Move this file to new phone again into Internal Storage / MyCarTracks / backups.
  5. Start the MyCarTracks app on the new phone, go to Menu / Settings / Backup/Restore and use the option Restore all data.


Folder path for Android 11 and 12:

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