Expired trip records recovery

Do you need to recover expired trip records for auditing purposes? Or did you forget to upgrade from a Free plan to get more than 2 weeks of data history? No worries, we cover your back(up).

All Free plan user data older than one month are removed and placed into backups. They aren’t automatically available right after you switch to paid plan! If you want us to recover your expired data, you have to pay for the whole period for which you want the data to be recovered. For example, if you want to recover one-year-old data then you have to order a plan for one year.

To recover data that are older than one year contact our support at support@mycartracks.com before you make the payment. In this situation, you will have to pay the amount to cover your data and our support will send you a link for payment. An example: it’s March 2021 and you recorded the whole year 2020 since January 2020.

After you order and pay for a plan please send a request for recovery to support@mycartracks.com and let us know your Login email and the total months of history needed. Your data will be recovered within 3 business days. 

After your data are recovered the start and end date of your existing plan will be then adjusted to cover all recorded data. For example, when you want to recover data 4 months backward and you order a plan for 6 months then after the recovery your plan will expire after 2 months.

Please note: If your fleet is larger than 5 vehicles we reserve the right to charge you an extra fee for the recovery.

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