Odometer status correction

Sometimes it happens that you forget to record a track, or how the time goes the real odometer state differs from the recorded state. To correct your odometer readings you need to update the odometer state after a certain track.

  1. Log in to the web application and then go to Reports / Log book.
  2. If needed use the Adjust filter to filter the tracks.
  3. Click the Edit button above the listed tracks.
  4. You can now update the Odometer state at each track row. If you change one value it will automatically adjust all the following odometer readings, just hit the Save changes button on top after you edit the value.

Vehicle initial odometer state

From the web application:  go to Fleet / Vehicles and here edit the vehicle – click on the three dots on right and select Edit. Scroll to Odometer start and set the initial odometer value. Click Save.

From the Android app: you can set it when you’re creating the vehicle or from the edit. Go to Menu / Vehicles and hold your finger above the vehicle until edit icon appears on the top. Tap the edit icon and scroll to Odometer: enter the initial state and then tap save icon on top right.

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