Trips and actual positions on map

All your recorded and synchronized tracks can be anytime viewed on a world map. You can filter them by time and choose any vehicle or view them simultaneously. You can clearly see where every track starts and ends, view cumulative or detailed mileage data, where the vehicle stopped, how long that stop took and many more.

Do you need to know where your vehicles are right now? Use the Actual position option and you’ll get your vehicle position marked on a map and refreshed every time the device sends its GPS coordinates. You can use this feature as your Dispatch software (e.g. if you are a taxi company) or to tell your customers where their delivery is.

To access this feature sign in to and go to MAP tab.

Actual position on request

If you aren’t using on-line tracking but you need sometimes to know where the vehicle is, you can use position request feature. This feature lets you send a request to android device for the actual position that will get displayed on the web. To allow this feature, start MyCarTracks Android App, go to Menu > Settings and choose Online tracking & Synchronization. Here you’ll find an option called Allow position request. Turn this option ON.

To get actual position on request the app must have Auto-recording turned ON. If recording is disabled, no actual position will be sent back.

Once these steps were made, you can log into MyCarTracks web application, go to VEHICLES tab and click on the icon  Request actual position.

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