What is a Magic link?

We want you to set up your fleet as fast and as smoothly as possible and because of that we implemented Magic links. Your driver receives an email or SMS with a magic link that he simply needs to touch and the app automatically sets everything as you want. For him, it means just one touch, no manual data entering.

It works like this

  1. When you’re creating the driver, you enter his email or phone number.
  2. The driver then receives a magic link that he must touch.
  3. If the driver already has the MyCarTracks app it opens automatically and pre-fills his Account ID. He must just touch the Continue button.
  4. If the driver doesn’t have the MyCarTracks app it opens Google Play with the MyCarTracks app profile.
    1. Driver must touch the Install button to install the app.
    2. After installation is done he must touch the Open app button to start the app.
    3. Again, the app pre-fills driver’s Account ID and he must touch the Continue button.
  5. The driver will be asked to enable permissions and that’s it. From that moment everything is set and the app is recording the driver’s locations and mileage.

Note: This feature currently works only with the MyCarTracks Android app and the link sent via SMS is available for Business plan users.

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