Auto recording not working on iOs device – troubleshooting

Check if all permissions that the app asked for are allowed and enabled. Go to phone Settings and then scroll down to MyCarTracks and touch it. Check if all permissions as shown on the screenshot are allowed.

iOs app permissions

Make sure these are set:

  • Location is set to Always – if not touch it and change to Always.
  • Motion & Fitness is turned ON.
  • Notifications are enabled

Missing Motion & Fitness? Turn it on in Privacy Settings.

Some iOs versions don’t have Motion & Fitness option under the app’s settings. You need to allow it under Privacy settings, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the Settings app on the iPhone and navigate to Privacy and then Motion & Fitness.
  2. In Motion & Fitness, please turn on (enable) MyCarTracks.
    Privacy Motion & Fitness
  3. Now try to do some testing rides, if it still doesn’t work try other solutions below.

The app is still not running in the background?

If you’re sure that everything is correct and all permissions are allowed but the app is still not recording when not opened – in the background – try to restart your phone. Most users confirmed that restarting did the trick and the app started to work correctly.

Disable vehicle detection

If none of the above methods helped it is possible that your iPhone/iPad doesn’t support Vehicle driving motion and therefore it must be disabled. Disable this option only when you see that the app never recorded any track on the Auto recording mode. If you used Auto recording and have some recordings then this is not your issue. To disable vehicle detection

  1. open the MyCarTracks app and go to Preferences
  2. scroll down to Track only while driving car and disable it
    MyCarTracks prefenreces

Make sure you have the correct recording mode

Sometimes it happens that you play with the app and change recording mode for example to “On charger” or to “Manual” and then wonder why the app doesn’t record your trips automatically. Always check the message at the bottom that says when it starts recording. The On charger mode starts a new track when you plug it into a charger and ends when unplugged. The Manual mode starts only when you hit the Start recording button. If you want to let the app automatically detect your driving make sure to have the Automatic mode, see this image on how to switch:

MyCarTracks iOs change recording mode


Check if there are recorded drivings

If you check the recordings only on the web application and you don’t see any recorded driving in the Tracks menu check if there are any recorded tracks on the iOs app. Open the MyCarTracks app on your iPhone and click the three lines on the top left. From the left menu select Tracks and check if you see recordings there.

MyCarTracks iOs menu tracks steps

If there are no recorded tracks but you know that you were driving with all the above settings set correctly please try to record some driving with the Manual mode. See the previous section on how to switch recording modes, switch to the Manual recording, and touch the Start tracking button. After that do at least one driving to see if the app records it. If this recording is successful then it means that the recording works but some of the above settings are not set correctly – scroll up and go again through all the troubleshooting steps.

If you see recorded driving in the Tracks section but you don’t see these recordings in the web application or on reports please contact us at Don’t forget to send us the account that is used with the app, you can find it by going into the menu and the account is listed right above it:

MyCarTracks iOs account in menu

Repair iPhone System

If the above methods do not fix the issue on iPhone XR/Xs/X/8/7/6s/6, it could be an iOS system glitch and we suggest you repair the iPhone system. Use google to find a tool or ask your local Apple dealer.

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