Answer within 24 hours (take longer only in special cases). For every question that is about our service, suggestions or future plans.


Or call us US: +1 (650) 449-8769 or EU: +420 731 447 044

Contact our sales for special discounts for bigger fleets or if you want to become our distributor or reseller (partners).


When you want to speak about investment, cooperation and everything else that is not for support or sales.

About Us

Behind every great product is great team. Behind MyCarTracks is Slash Idea – small company with strong background.

BETA testers

Do you want to become our BETA tester? Our BETA tester will always get the latest MyCarTracks app with newest features we need to test before we roll them out to our regular customers. To become our BETA tester send us email to

Phone support?

We have users in more than 180 countries, and it would not be possible to support all of them by phone. We are constantly searching for resellers and hope that in the future we will find local partner who will be able to support your location. If you still need to speak to us (e.g. you have big fleet or want to cooperate) we can arrange Skype/GoToMeeting call or call our sales.



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