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Web app Version – + mobile apps (January – December 2020)
– This year was mainly about “under the hood” technology upgrade and migration to a new cloud provider that resulted in more stable and faster MyCarTracks service.
– Zapier and Integromat integrations
– Issue reporting capabilities to Android and web application to make our support more helpful
– Tracking checklist to help Android drivers troubleshoot issues with their phones
– The Android app went through a huge upgrade with new Activity recognition capabilities and fixed other stability issues.

[Web app] Version – (January – December 2019)
– Drive Score
– Maintenance scheduling
– Vehicle daily mileages
– RuuviTag integration
– hundreds of fixes, UI/UX updates, enhancements, and stability fixes

[Web app] Version – (June – December 2018)
– New UI that is now more mobile-friendly – this is still ongoing as only part of pages were updated
– Google Maps integration
– Job reports
– new Welcome Wizard
– a lot of updates and fixes
– server upgrades and caching enhancements to make the app more stable and fast

[Web app] Version – (April – May 2018)
– GDPR related changes in Privacy Policy
– Show geofences and POI on track detail page
– Shared map features – read here
– Various bug fixes
– UI fixes

[Web app] Version – (February – March 2018)
– New features on Actual positions map – read here
– Geofence Alert ability to call URL when an alert happens
– New API endpoints for jobs and geofence analytics added
– Various UI/UX updates
– Various bug fixes

[Web app] Version –  (December 2017 – January 2018)
– Updated PayPal API so now users can pay with credit/debit cards easily and get the latest look and feel
– Ability to select All + All in Logbook
– New one-click payment – ability to pay for plans easily by just one click without the need to go into web application
– Cancel subscription button
– Various UI/UX updates
– Various bug fixes

[Web app] Version –  (October – November 2017)
– Shared geofences and geofence analytics
– Ability to select vehicles on map share
– Bugfix with API v2 and Unixtime timezone
– Various UI/UX changes

[Web app] Version –  (February – October 2017)
– shared settings from web application
– various bug fixes

[Web app] Version – (February – October 2017)
– Stops report
– Map sharing new options
– API v2
– Location services disable/enable notifications
– various new settings to make the app more personalised
– a lot of bugfixes, UI fixes and UX enhancements
– a lot of cloud updates and enhancements

[Android app]  (February – October 2017)
– Ability to sort jobs
– HUD – Head-Up display
– a lot of improvements in Auto recording
– a lot of bug fixes
– we cannot remember anymore 🙂

[Web app] Version – (November 2016 – January 2017)
– Geofence Analytics – updates in distance calculations, new access detection near Idles
– new pricing
– Various bugfixes

[Android app] (October – January 2017)
– Work hours – set days and time of the day when recording will automatically start/stop
– new languages: French, German
– Various bugfixes

[Web app] Version – (October 2016)
– Added driver filter into Logbook – you can now view and generate Logbooks focused on driver
– Various bug fixes (date filtering, traffic data for US and Canada, track graph generate enhancements, and many more)
– Updated vehicle icons to

[Android app] (June – September)
– Location sharing – you can now share location with anyone who you want to be tracked by
– Ability to use Account IDs (
– Mileage reports (
– Ability to send Log book report from within the app
– New UI/UX design that now complies with Material design principles, updates to latest frameworks, and many enhancements

[Web app] Version – (August-September 2016)
– Vehicle Icons – ability to set icon for a vehicle that will now show on the live location maps
– Location sharing – you can now share location from within the android app and send URL to anyone who you want to be tracked by
– Updated Welcome wizard
– Account IDs –
– Various fixes with Tracks and Maps

[Web app] Version (July 2016)
– for Fleet professional users we added the ability to set own branded logo to Shared map

[Web app] Version – (June 2016)
– added Category (Personal/Business) filter into DASHBOARD, MAP/Tracks history, VEHICLES, TRACKS
– added start and end address into TRACKS list
– detection of wrong Tracks max. speed and automatic fix
– in Plan sharing added ability to share whole fleet to MANAGER role
– added Address and Geofence address into Geofence Analytics reports
– added requested positions history
– various UI, UX and bug fixes

[Web app] Version – (May 2016)
– added advanced filter to TRACKS, ability to filter by total time and total distance. Ability to select tracks and remove selected
– UI updates – name badge is now on top right

[Android app] Version (May 2016)
– Auto recording improvements and update to fix some problems with latest Android versions
– UI improvements

[Web app] Version (May 2016)
– User info redesign
– Invoice dates are now in CET because of problem with conversion rate
– GeofenceAnalytics enhance updates
– cloud server upgrade and many tweaks to make the service run faster and smoother
– Welcome wizard updated to be more straightforward with the help of setting up the account and connecting Android devices.
– other UI/UX updates

November 2015 – May 2016
Don’t worry we didn’t fell asleep even it looks so from this missing list 🙁 There was just so much work to do and there was no one who would update this site. We made many updates (totally 493 updates since November), changes, upgrades of our cloud architecture, UX changes and redesign of our corporate identity and whole website + one trip to San Francisco and one to Ireland 🙂 . We will try to update this site as much as possible in future.

[Web app] Version (November 2015)
– UX/UI updates and fixes
– bugfix with geofence analytics wrong Idle detection
– API fix, /tracks now shows also geofences from vehicle visits
– various bug fixes
[Web app] Version (October 2015)
– Premium HERE maps available for paid plans
– various bug fixes
[Web app] Version (October 2015)
– New, completely reworked Web Management UI
– Welcome Wizard setup
– Fleet setup wizard
[Web app] Version (July 2015)
– [Add/Edit Vehicle] ability to filter out vehicle visibility with phone number or phone IMEI
– various enhancements to Geofence Analytics
– various bug fixes
[Android App] Version (July 2015)
– ability to filter out vehicle visibility with phone number or phone IMEI
– new sliding left panel
– new look and feel, new vector icons
– ability to add new google account from app
– screen where user can view or define phone and IMEI number
– various bug fixes
[Web app] Version (July 2015)
– added 2 new reports into Geofence Analytics : Time spent in geofence/customer details and Driver/Vehicle Time spent in geofence/customer
– ability to export Geofence Analytics data into CSV
– ability to export Track to GPX, CSV, KML
– ability to import Tracks from GPX to be able to import tracks from other devices
– various bug fixes
[Web app] Version (June 2015)
– Added IRS report under LOG BOOK / IRS
– fixed problem with date time picker and track edit
– fixed remember me
– fixed original url redirect
– added EU VAT reg. validation to billing details
– various bug fixes
[Web app] Version (May 2015)
– Geofences – filtering out and batch remove of geocode unprocessed and not found geofences
– Geofences Import – address format selection
– API – added Geofences From and Geofences To /track and /tracks endpoint. Added paging and limits to /tracks endpoints.
– various bug fixes
[Web app] Version (May 2015)
– Geofence Analytics BETA released
– various bug fixes and UI/UX improvements
[Web app] Version 3.6.3 (April 2015)
– Sign In, Google Connect update
– latest bug fixes and UI/UX improvements
[Web app] Version 3.6.0 (March 2015)
– JOBS – learn more about mobile app and web app
– [MAP] – Drivers history
– [MAP] – Drivers actual position
– [MAP] – Search
– [JOBS] – Job dispatch and activity tracking
– [JOBS] – Drivers – manage your drivers in new way
– [JOBS] – Customers – your customers database
– Geofences and Customers CSV import
– Customers Custom columns definition
– latest bug fixes and UI/UX improvements
[Android App] Version 2.4.1 (March 2014)
– workforce tracking and management, job dispatch
– job tracking + auto job logging
– latest bug fixes
[Web app] Version 3.5.0 (December 2014)
– GEOFENCES – read more here Help / Geofences, rewrites, alerts, POIs
– MAP – checkboxes to show geofences and POIs on map
– VEHICLES – CSV distance export
– [TESTERS] – if you want to become our tester and get the latest app updates let us know to contact(at)mycartracks(dot)com
– [UX, UI] changes to the UI – more informations and design of tracks output on map
– [true fan :)] if you want to put map with your fleet positions on your website, or want to have URL to such public map send email to our support, this map is currently available only for true fans of our service who read our update site 🙂 (will be available later also to regular users)
[Android App] Version 2.4.0 (December 2014)
– Geofences (Alerts, Rewrites)
– [ENHANCEMENTS] battery life optimizations
– position request from web – bug fixes
[Web app] Version 3.4.6 (November 2014)
– MAP and TRACKS – ability to filter drivers
– [UX] some changes to the UI
– [ENHANCEMENTS] other enhancements
– new and big features coming soon!
[Web app] Version 3.4.0 (July 2014)
– [UX] we have changed the header and some UX features for smaller screens
– [BUGFIX] Actual position timer
– [ENHANCEMENTS] other enhancements
[Web app] Version 3.3.9 (June 2014)
– [MAP/Actual position] ordering is now from latest position to oldest
– [MAP/Actual position] added seconds countdown till position refresh
– [MAP/Actual position] added refresh position button
– [MAP/Actual position] traffic is available only for Fleet Professional users
– [MAP/Actual position] state of checkboxes is now being saved for future access
– [MAP/Actual position] added labels to traffic icons
– [BUGFIX] Battery Low Event fixed
– [BUGFIX] Track graphs bug fixed
– [BUGFIX] NOT OWNER ACCESS on plan share fixed
[Web app] Version 3.3.8 (June 2014)
– [MAP/Actual position] traffic – you can now view traffic on map. This feature is currently in BETA and is not available in every country incl. USA
– [UI] You can now directly access actual position or tracks history
– [TRACKS] added ability to merge two tracks
– [MAP/Track history] we have added arrows on tracks so you now know the directions of trips
[Web app] Version 3.3.7 (June 2014)
– [Login] added Remember me option which now holds your session for 14 days
– several enhancements in reliability and speed
[Web app] Version 3.3.6 (May 2014)
– [Plan settings] added role for only viewing data – read here more
– bugfixes
[Web app] Version 3.3.5 (April 2014)
– [Plan settings] added plan sharing option – read here more
– [Language] added Spanish translations of our web an mobile application
[Web app] Version 3.3.4 (April 2014)
– [Account settings] added settings to change stops time, option to hide stops, number of tracks in track history and number of actual positions on map
[Web app] Version 3.3.3 (March 2014)
– [MAP/Actual position] added bubble info which is visible only when last position is not older than 15 minutes
– [DASHBOARD] bugfix + added weeks starting Sunday
[Web app] Version 3.3.2 (March 2014)
– [DASHBOARD] new quick overview of your fleet
[Web app] Version 3.3.1 (January 2014)
– [REPORTS/Log book] Ability to change track category (Business/Personal)
– [TRACKS] Ability to add and edit tracks
– [REPORTS/Log book] Excel report now without units in cells
– [MAP] Google Street and Satellite maps available
– [RESELLER] New resellers interface
[Android App] Version 2.3.1 (December 2013)
– Enhanced address recognition
– notification about not supported device
[Android App] Version 3.3.0 (December 2013)
– Bugfixes, small updates in UI
[Android App] Version 3.2.9 (November 2013)
– [Track detail] New improved graph, added map and new data layout. View information about every point of track on hover the graph.
– [MAP/Actual position] Added circle around marker that shows the accuracy. Added more info to current position.
– [Cars] New improved graphs
– Minor design updates
– Minor bug fixes
[Web app] (July 2013)
– added ability to set date and time format under user settings
– added Extended maps for fleets bigger than 10 vehicles with fleet professional plan
– web redesign as a reaction to new Android app
[Android app] (July 2013)
– new generation of our app available.
– new light and flat design for better user experience
– we have added support for latest tablets as this was not available last month because of play rules update

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