Lab – What we are working on

Curious? These are the features that we are working on right now:

  • Enhancements on the Live map – UX, smooth move, and more.
  • Web¬†console UI/UX update – to be more mobile-friendly and easier to use
  • Android app redesign
  • Ability to integrate standard hardware GPS units from various existing producers like Teltonika, Ruptela, Queclink, Gosafe, and many others.
  • New Jobs enhancements
  • EWD
  • Powerful values reports
  • Benchmarking
  • Marketplace

Low priority now but still in our minds ūüôā

  • AI – an intelligent driving assistant that will learn your driving habits and detect what journey are you taking right now¬†to help you avoid traffic jams or warn you about accidents on the road.
  • iOs (iPhone/iPad) App –¬†first version already available, working on more features
  • API version 2 – need some additional endpoints? Contact us!
  • Fix localizations in the apps and add new ones

Do you have any feature requests that you think we should add? Let us know at

Recently done

  • Web app architecture and Cloud upgrade to achieve better performance
  • Geofence Alerts and Rewrites fix because of Google Play Services issue
  • Drive Score and reports
  • Daily mileage report
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • iOs app
  • Languages in Android app: German, Hindu and fixed Spain.
  • DASHBOARD redesign
  • Job reports
  • New options on Shared maps
  • PayPal update and one-click payments
  • Shared geofences – DONE
  • Shared settings for admins of big fleets to be able to adjust the application settings of their drivers in one place –¬†DONE
  • Stops report – DONE
  • Working hours -DONE
  • Log Book focused on driver not just vehicle – DONE
  • Password/PIN protection¬†– DONE
  • Better synchronization options in the app¬†– DONE
  • Ability to request for Reports from Android app¬†– DONE
  • Android app upgrade and redesign to material design Finally DONE!
  • Upgrading Auto recording to use latest technologies including machine learning techniques – new generations of Auto recording feature! – DONE
  • Account IDs – we are going to get rid of the need of Gmail account and introduce Account IDs where fleet manager will be able to easily create new driver with unique ID. Driver or employee then enters this ID into Android app and the app will be ready to use – no Gmail account needed, no setup.¬†– DONE
  • Android app – ability to remove unwanted zero or short tracks
  • Request position history
  • More¬†filtering options to TRACK and remove selected
  • Detecting and fixing problems that are causing outages for some users – high priority these days
  • Website redesign, new Logo and corporate identity (DONE)
  • Add the ability to register also with email and create standard email and password log in (DONE)
  • Easier on-boarding for new users¬†(DONE)
  • Cloud servers¬†upgrades – reaching limits resulted in the need to upgrade servers and higher the capacity. (DONE)

Frozen dev

  • Auto Recording enhancement – use Machine learning to detect state of driver and detect drives even more precisely than it is now –¬†

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