I have set my fleet but I don’t see some vehicles live positions or tracks history

If you set up your fleet and some vehicles are sending data but some of them are not then there can be more issues you need to check with those vehicles.

  1. Did you hit the “TURN ON AUTO RECORDING” button?
    Please make sure that the app is in the recording state. To start recording use the red button with START/ENABLE recording label (see below how the app looks like when it’s recording – the button is red with the ability to turn it off). The app also says that it is recording or waiting to detect driving.
  2. Do you have a valid MyCarTracks paid plan that fits your whole fleet?
    To check that look into FLEET / Vehicles. If you have vehicles that are not in your current plan then they are grayed out.
  3. Do your drivers have available data (internet) on their devices?
    To check that you, or your driver, can open the web browser on drivers device and check if you can navigate to www.mycartracks.com
  4. The GPS is not available or there is another issue with the device
    The app notifies any problem that can lead to not recording the tracks. To check if the device records track just open the app and go to Menu / Tracks. You should see recorded tracks here. If not, and you don’t see any warning in the app’s dashboard, then your device has problems with hardware components.
  5. Your drivers use the wrong vehicle
    This is the most common problem why you don’t see your driver’s data or real-time positions. You create a vehicle for the driver, but your driver is using a different vehicle (most common the My Vehicle). Make sure that your drivers have selected the right vehicle when they are recording tracks. See this picture:main-screen-select-vehicle To change the vehicle just tap on the name of the vehicle (Toyota Prius on the picture), and select the correct vehicle.
    If your driver doesn’t see the vehicle you created for him then he must go into Menu (tap on mycartracks on the top left) and select Vehicles. Here tap on the double arrow icon on the top right to synchronize vehicles. See this picture:vehicles-w-space
  6. Online tracking is turned OFF
    In Android app check under Menu / Settings / Online tracking & Synchronization if the option Online tracking is turned ON. If you don’t need online tracking consider to use Daily synchronization.

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