Why do I have missing recordings in reports?

If you find out that you’re missing recorded tracks in your reports follow these instructions to check what’s wrong:

  1. Is recording turned on? You should see the info in the notification bar, also in the MyCarTracks app, there should be a message that recording is turned on and waiting or recording.
  2. Check if everything is synced with our service. Start MyCarTracks app on your phone and swipe from left to see the menu. Here, go into Tracks and see if you see the missing tracks marked as “not synced”. Touch the double arrow icon on top to sync all. If they are missing also here then tracking was not turned on.
  3. If all tracks are available in the app and are also “synced” then check if you use the correct account. Again swipe from left to see the menu and your account is listed on top of the menu. If it differs from your account then contact us on support@mycartracks.com and send us both your accounts (web account and the account listed in the mobile app). We will then send you the next steps.

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