API 2.0 Release notes

[7. July 2017]
– Log start
– First release – https://www.mycartracks.com/api-docs/index.html

[2017 – 2018]
– various updates in the back services to enhance the speed and stability
– added gzip support

[March 2018]
– endpoints for /jobs
– endpoint /geofences/analytics/vehicles
– headers for CORS added

[July 2020]
– added vehicle name, driver name and identifier and track export data into API tracks endpoints

[January 2022]
– endpoints for Geofence Alert logs /geofences/alerts/logs

[November 2023]
– updated endpoint /map/sharings – added missing fields into responses
– added create and update endpoints for /map/sharings

IN DEV (currently not active, if you need any of these please contact us):

/vehicles/stats (get)
/vehicles/stats/{vehicleId} (get)
/trackpoints/{trackId} (post)
/trackpoints/{trackpointId} (delete)
/geofences/alerts/notifications (get)
/geofences/analytics/drivers (get)
/stops (get)

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