How to add external driver to your fleet

Our service and app allow you to leave the creation of a vehicle to your Drivers. We don’t recommend doing that this way because you as the owner of your fleet will not be able to edit the vehicle details or update recorded tracks if needed. In such a case, you can only view all data in view mode.

To add the vehicle to your fleet by the driver, ask him to follow these steps:

  1. Start the MyCarTracks mobile app.
  2. Go to Menu* and select Vehicles.
  3. On Android tap and hold the finger on the vehicle to share until options appear on the top and select Edit Details (pencil icon).
    On iOS swipe the vehicle to the left so that the Edit option appears.
  4. Here the last input is Share vehicle.
  5. Tap on it and enter the email you want to share the vehicle with. Tap on SAVE.
  6. The vehicles list will show up and now tap the double arrow synchronize all button on the top right .

* The menu is located on the top right in Android and the top left in the iOS app .

After following these steps, you will be able to see his vehicle and recorded data under your web account. If you see his vehicle as grayed out you are either exceeding your plan’s maximum vehicle number or the vehicle wasn’t assigned to your plan. In that case, go into My Plans (click on your name on the top right) and then edit your ACTIVE plan, here you can select vehicles).

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