App not tracking in background on Android 10

It may happen that MyCarTracks app is not recording on Android 10 when running in the background because you don’t have the Location permission set to Allow all the time. To enable that MyCarTracks has always access to Location permission go to Android Settings and then follow: Apps & notifications > […]

Where to get your API credentials?

If you plan to use our integrations or you need API credentials for MyCarTracks to provide for your software developer follow these steps: Log in to your web account. On the top right click on the button with your profile image or initials and select Settings. On the left click on […]

Why do I have missing recordings in reports?

If you find out that you’re missing recorded tracks in your reports follow these instructions to check what’s wrong: Is recording turned on? You should see the info in the notification bar, also in the MyCarTracks app, there should be a message that recording is turned on and waiting or […]

Fix recording issues in Android 10

If the app is not tracking correctly make sure the Location Permission is not set to ‘Allow only while using the app’ and if so change it to ‘Allow all the time’. You can find these settings under Android Settings > Apps and notifications > MyCarTracks > Permissions > Location . […]

Safety Drive Score

Reduce accidents, lower the number of high-risk drivers, and improve overall driver safety with the MyCarTracks Drive score. Define your own settings Drive score calculations are by default not enabled, you need to enable them from Extensions. After you enable the drive score, it can take up to 4 hours […]

Daily synchronization

Daily synchronization is a feature that gives you the option to sync all recorded tracks at a certain time of a day. It comes handy in the following cases: Your mobile devices have internet connection issues or drivers are driving in areas without an internet connection Not all your tracks are being […]