API 2.0 Release notes

[7. July 2017] – Log start – First release – https://www.mycartracks.com/api-docs/index.html [2017 – 2018] – various updates in the back services to enhance the speed and stability – added gzip support [March 2018] – endpoints for /jobs – endpoint /geofences/analytics/vehicles – headers for CORS added [July 2020] – added vehicle name, […]

Why Google Play shows my Device is incompatible

Our app is in most cases compatible with all available Android phones and tablets. Because we started really early we have app versions for Android starting with version 2.3, so a really old phones that aren’t sold today anymore. In some cases Play shows that our app is not compatible with […]

Add a vehicle with a driver to your fleet

To add a new vehicle with a driver log in to your web account at www.mycartracks.com and follow these steps: Go to Fleet / Vehicles and here click + button and select Add vehicle. Enter the vehicle name, choose the color, and optionally set the description and initial odometer value. Now under […]