Integromat example – get tracks in KML, CSV, GPX format and save them to Google Sheets

Integromat is a platform where you can automate workflows with the use of world-known tools like Google Docs, Slack, Airtable, and many other integrations. Before you start visit the MyCarTracks Integromat documentation and follow the Connecting MyCarTracks to Integromat instruction. After you have it set follow these steps: 1. Navigate to Integromat template: 2. Click […]

PIN lock

Protect the app with a PIN Sometimes you don’t want the drivers to mess with the app settings or to be able to disable recording. Sometimes it comes in handy to have protection so that any of your child playing with your phone doesn’t disable the auto-recording and you lose […]

Supported location tracking devices and settings

Follow the instructions you received with your tracker to set the below address and port where your tracker should send data. Note that even if your model is missing from the list, there is a very good chance that it’s still supported. Connection details Address: Port: find your device in the list […]

How to switch recording mode

By default, MyCarTracks uses the On Move Automatic recording. This mode detects automatically when you’re driving and records all journeys automatically. Sometimes you don’t want to use this automatic mode, you want for example start recording manually or when your phone connects to vehicle Bluetooth handsfree. To switch modes follow […]

My app doesn’t record any drivings (Android)

Not all Android devices support the Automatic On move drive recognition. If you see that your app doesn’t track any driving (check it under Menu / Tracks on your Android) it is possible that your device is one that just doesn’t support it. In that case, we recommend you to switch […]

App not tracking in background on Android 10

It may happen that MyCarTracks app is not recording on Android 10 when running in the background because you don’t have the Location permission set to Allow all the time. To enable that MyCarTracks has always access to Location permission go to Android Settings and then follow: Apps & notifications > […]