Why Google Play shows my Device is incompatible

Our app is in most cases compatible with all available Android phones and tablets. Because we started really early we have app versions for Android starting with version 2.3, so a really old phones that aren’t sold today anymore. In some cases Play shows that our app is not compatible with […]

Create a fleet with the use of Google accounts

Google account email is either a Gmail or Google Apps for Work (google apps) email. That means if your company uses own domain with google (google apps) and all your drivers have their own google apps email set on their Android phones you can use the option to create a fleet […]

How to add external driver to your fleet

Our service and app allows you to leave the creation of a vehicle to your Drivers. We don’t recommend to do that this way because you as  a owner of your fleet will not be able to edit the vehicle details or update recorded tracks if needed. In such case […]

Lab – What we are working on

Curious? These are the features that we are working on right now: Web app architecture and Cloud upgrade to achieve better performance AI – an intelligent driving assistant that will learn your driving habits and detect what journey are you taking right now to help you avoid traffic jams or warn […]

Latest updates

Sorry for slow updates on this page, we are rather giving our time to releasing new cool features than writing everything down [Web app] Version – (January – December 2019) – Drive Score – Maintenance scheduling – Vehicle daily mileages – RuuviTag integration – hundreds of fixes, UI/UX updates, enhancements, and […]


Support: support@mycartracks.com Answer within 24 hours (take longer only in special cases). For every question that is about our service, suggestions or future plans. Sales: sales@mycartracks.com Contact our sales for special discounts for bigger fleets or if you want to become our distributor or reseller (partners). Other: contact@mycartracks.com When you […]