Stops report

Ever wonder where your drivers stop and how long they were there? Except for Geofence Analytics, where you need to set up your zones that you’re interested in, we have also Stops report that can create a live report from your fleet recordings. You can find this report under Reports / […]

Managed app settings

This feature is available only with the Android app, the iOS app will have this feature later. There are many types of fleets and therefore many different needs or expectations about how detailed and in what format the recorded data should be. MyCarTracks app comes with some default settings that we think […]

Shared Geofences and Geofence Analytics

With this feature, you or your teammates can share geofences or geofence analytics in the web application with a shared plan. To share geofences or geofence analytics results that are shared with a Business plan follow these steps: To be able to follow these steps you have to be the owner […]

API 2.0 Release notes

[7. July 2017] – Log start – First release – [2017 – 2018] – various updates in the back services to enhance the speed and stability – added gzip support [March 2018] – endpoints for /jobs – endpoint /geofences/analytics/vehicles – headers for CORS added IN DEV (currently not active, if […]

Work hours

Work hours feature brings the recording automation to next level. It gives you the ability to set days and times when you want the app to automatically start and stop recording or automatically classify your trips. To enable “Work hours” start the app and go to ≡ Menu / Settings / […]