Geofences, Rewrites, Alerts, POIs

With Geofences you can define your own points of interest (e.g. customer locations) and enable alerts and rewrites once your vehicle enters a given radius. Geofence is useful when you want to get notifications on a driver entering or leaving a zone or when you have predefined places and you want them to appear […]

Logbook – reports

Logbook and IRS report is the main report most users need to claim their mileage for tax purposes. To download it log in to your web account and: Click REPORTS menu item, it will show more options Choose from pre-defined formats: Monthly logbook, Date interval log book or IRS. Using the filter on the top […]

Vehicles and Tracks (trip records)

VEHICLES To access and manage the list of your vehicles from the web-console, click VEHICLES tab. You will get cumulative information about your vehicles in clearly formatted table with more options for every vehicle. Use the filter to set exact date you need statistics and choose only vehicles you want […]

Trips and actual positions on map

All your recorded and synchronized tracks can be anytime viewed on a world map. You can filter them by time and choose any vehicle or view them simultaneously. You can clearly see where every track starts and ends, view cumulative or detailed mileage data, where the vehicle stopped, how long […]


With MyCarTracks Job-disatch feature your in-field workers get overview about daily jobs that they should do. All Jobs come with the details about each task like what to do, who is the customer and the location of that job with ability to navigate to that point. Jobs list To view a list of all Jobs […]


There are two ways how to record your tracks and mileage data. You can start and stop GPS recording manually or let Auto recording do its job. Manual recording Manual recording is available right after you start the app. Just don’t forget to set your vehicle and choose if your […]

How to synchronize vehicles

Start the app and touch MyCarTracks header or the icon. Select Vehicles. Touch the icon on top and wait a while. All vehicles shared with current account will be shown in the list. Touch the vehicle you want to use, it will redirect you back to main dashboard with selected […]


The main part where your recorded data from MyCarTracks mobile app are sent to web application is called synchronization. Our app gives you various settings how you can use synchronization, that can be used to lower expenses to minimum or even to be free. NOTICE: Before you read more, […]

How to setup account

To use MyCarTracks on your Android mobile device, you need to link the device to the Google account your administrator created for you. First time run When you install MyCarTracks app and run it for the first time it will show you welcome wizard where you can set some initial […]

Mobile application

MyCarTracks minimizes expenses, saves time and money! MyCarTracks Android mobile app is the key and replacement of the old, well known GPS tracking units you have to buy and let install it to your vehicle. You don’t have to wait till you get term when you can come with vehicle […]