Troubleshooting GPS Issues

What is GPS? GPS is a system to estimate location on Earth by using signals from a set of orbiting satellites. Tips: Achieving good initial GPS lock To achieve a fast start and a high-accuracy position estimate, you should provide: A clear view of a large portion of the sky – […]

API – MyCarTracks Web Services (Deprecated)

Please note that this API is deprecated and will be terminated at date we will release soon. The documentation for new API version 2 is located here: REST API enables you to interact with MyCarTracks web site programmatically via HTTP requests. This is useful in situations when you want to […]

Save on your data plan with offline tracking

With MyCarTracks you can easily save on your data plan with following 2 options: daily synchronization (data send to MyCarTracks) of recorded tracks in specific time synchronization with use of Wi-Fi connection (at home, on parking) Story from John One day John realized that he doesn’t need to have all recorded […]

Mobile device as a hidden GPS unit

permanently placed or hidden phone or tablet in the vehicle automatic auto-recording based on car move or car charger (suitable mainly for cars with the power supply after the engine starts) actual GPS position request from web online vehicle tracking device battery level notification (10, 5, 3, 2, 1 %) Story […]

Tracking your fleet – GPS fleet management

replacement of old, well known GPS units that are installed to your vehicle by service centralized fleet tracking, fleet management, summarized reports, statistics, log book vehicle/fleet actual position tracking, dispatching software Story from SpediSpeedi SpediSpeedi is a spedition company with drivers that are delivering goods to their customers. With MyCarTracks […]

Simple GPS vehicle tracking

personal use overview of driven tracks (distance, average and current speed) online vehicle tracking by another person – learn how to share a vehicle Story from John John is independent tradesman who daily drives to his customers. Fuel isn’t cheap these days and to add these expenses to accounting he […]

Map sharing

The map sharing feature lets you create a public map with your fleet’s real-time positions or paths taken in the last 6, 12, or 24 hours. You can then share this map on your website, Facebook, or email it to your customers. For example, a city taking care of the streets needs to […]

Job Dispatch

With MyCarTracks Jobs dispatch you can manage tasks for your in-field workers and see their progress instantly. You will get a great overview of how work in the field is going and if there aren’t any delays which you should quickly react to. This leads to more jobs done, higher customer satisfaction, […]

Users and roles – Plan sharing

Plan sharing is a feature used for sharing one paid plan with multiple user accounts. This is, for example, useful for large fleets where multiple fleet managers are responsible for different groups of drivers. Vehicles shared through plan sharing aren’t distributed to shared users mobile apps they are only visible in web application. To access plan sharing: […]

Web account settings

After the first sign-in to your new Web account you should set your time zone, language and measurement units (meter/kilometer or feet/miles). These settings are needed for showing your data in your timezone and in the right format. You can change these settings anytime in general Settings located in the top-left section of […]