Driver account types – What is Account ID and what Google account?

In MyCarTracks the driver is identified by an identifier that can be either corporate email, Google email, Apple email, Account ID, or Serial number. This section describes these different types.

Corporate/personal email

Our Android app and also the web application offers you the ability to set up an account identified by any email. When you create a vehicle for a driver you simply share it by entering the driver’s email. The driver then creates his account and all is set up for tracking.

Please note that iOs/iPhone app doesn’t support Email login for drivers.

Google account

Google account email is either a Gmail or Google Apps for Work (google apps) email. That means if your company uses its own domain with google (google apps) and all your drivers have their own google apps email set on their Android phones you can use the option to create a fleet with Google accounts. Your drivers can also use their own personal Gmail addresses on their phones. In that case, if they provide that address to you as a company owner you can also use Google accounts.

Google Account gives you the easy login benefit where you just click on the button Log in with Google Account and everything works. Your credentials are safe as we don’t receive them.

Apple account

This account type is the same as Google account except it is mainly used and also available only with the iOs/iPhone app and web app. The only drawback with this type is that when your driver uses Private login then he has to provide you the private email that he can find in the app when entering the app’s menu.

Account ID

Account ID is a unique 10-character long automatically-generated ID for each driver. It’s really simple to create such a driver. You can then leave the system to send that ID to your driver’s email, SMS or you just provide that ID to the driver. It can also be sent as a Magic link that makes the setup fast and one-click easy. The driver then installs the MyCarTracks app and on the first run, he chooses the option to enter Account ID, enters his ID and he is ready to record tracks.

Serial Number

MyCarTracks offer the ability to add standard GPS tracking hardware units. Such driver (or device) is then identified by its serial number that you have to enter when creating its account.

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